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Originally Posted by dark21horse View Post
You have posted articles about some dumb people, however most of these articles are about people being arrested for doing stupid stuff and being arrested for it. This lady called 9-1-1 because she was unable to get a refund for some chicken mcnuggets. Its a little different. I agree with Money.....this is a civil matter....not an emergency. Most states have a non-emergency number you can call to file an incident report if you must call the police for something like this.

I agree that it is not a matter for 911. The people there are very stupid and don't know any better. Ft. Pierce is about 2-3 hours North of South Beach and it is like being in a different country. There is nothing to do but be stupid and get in trouble. If it were not for their stupidity nobody would have ever heard of Ft. Pierce.
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