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Hey guys,

Sorry to be guilty of some shameless promotion but I'm sure some of you heard about this "world's best job" that is being offered in Queensland, Australia.

Basically what you get to do is live on a beautiful island for 6 months, get paid $100,000 while blogging about your experiences on the island and its surrounding areas.

The job got more than 34,000 applicants but I happened to make it to the final 50 people where internet voting has now begun.

You can vote once each day but if you have multiple email addresses, you can vote multiple times. The voting ends on March 24th at 11:59PM GMT, so we got about 3 weeks to keep the vote going.

Some of you may know me from the Spurs Forum... before we had that long site downtime, I posted a detailed interview with Bruce Bowen when he visited South Korea 2 years ago where i work in the media.

Anyways, thought i would just reach out and ask for some support from my fellow Spurs' fans. Go to the site and cast a vote for me. I would greatly appreciate it (but if you vote for the hot Russian in the bikini, i guess i can't really blame you.)

The Best Job In The World

Thanks guys and GO SPURS GO. Hurry back MANU!!!

P.S. if some of you admins think this would be appropriate to be posted in the basketball forum, then i'm all for the move to get more exposure. I didn't want to post it there in the first place and mess with the Feng Shui of SR.

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