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Eagles fans are calmly dealing with Brian Dawkins' departure

Sun Mar 01, 2009 11:57 am EST
Eagles fans are calmly dealing with Brian Dawkins' departure
By Chris Chase

Move over Ben Franklin, Philadelphia has a new favorite son. Brian Dawkins, the 13-year Eagles veteran, signed with the Denver Broncos yesterday and the decision of the Philly front office to let Dawkins go over a reported $2.2 million difference has Philadelphians reacting like Joe Banner went out and took a sledgehammer to the Liberty Bell.

Talk radio lines are jammed with callers badmouthing the organization, blog commenters are being their usual rational selves and even the mainstream press is jumping in on the hysterics.

Witness the Philadelphia Inquirer's above-the-fold story about the Dawkins departure. (Would Donovan McNabb leaving the city garner moon landing-type headlines from the Inquirer?)

If that wasn't enough, the newspaper's story about Dawkins begins with a comparison to the founder of Pennsylvania:

The city's skyline wouldn't look the same if the statue of William Penn toppled.

Eagles fans who attend their first game next season will likely have a similar feeling about their team when they look into the secondary and see Brian Dawkins is no longer there.

Brian Dawkins was a great player for Philadelphia. As a Redskins fan, I'm glad to see him out of the division. But, come on people, he's going to be 36 years old next season. Plus, as Bob Ford wrote in one of the few calm and rational takes on the matter, it's a business decision by both the team and Dawkins himself. But rational isn't fun. I much prefer this.

Eagles fans are calmly dealing with Brian Dawkins' departure - Shutdown Cor... - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
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