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Video: Hornets' halftime performer eats rim

hu Feb 26, 2009 3:10 pm EST

Video: Hornets' halftime performer eats rim
By J.E. Skeets

I originally thought this was a Pistons' dunker based on Detroit's dreadful week (see: eight consecutive losses, line-up issues, angrily thrown towels), but nope, I'm told this is a member of the Hornets' trampoline dunk team eating some rim. I really should have known better, given the Hornets' previous halftime woes ...

I love how the clip makes it look as though Rasheed Wallace is throwing his towel because of the poor dude's face plant. In fact, if I squint real hard, I can almost hear 'Sheed's post-game comments now ...

"It was (expletive), man! It was (expletive)! Sometimes we drop to the level of our opponent's trampoline dunk team. That cat had that dunk easily, knowing good and well he shouldn't have lost his concentration, but he still made a fool of himself on TV. Same thing with our losses this season. But I tell you, if we can find our consistency, if that guy bounces right back up, we'll be fine, man. Everyone will be fine."

Video: Hornets' halftime performer eats rim - Ball Don't Lie - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
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