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Originally Posted by Vito Corleone View Post
I don't know what has been done about the RW but the last time I was there the water was pretty bad.

I know cuban is just trying to slam SA but he isn't too far off from the truth. In all honesty that river should look like the San Marcos river, so crystal clear a baby pig can swim in it.
WADR, Vito, the SA River is just like the SM River. Some days in crystal clear with a beautiful green-blue tint. And I HAVE swam in it, so call me Ralph...

On other days, there are high winds causing leaves, grass, and some trash to get blown into it. On some days, the run-off from rain creates "muddy" water turning the river into a stream of Nestle's Quik.

I have lived in both cities. For charm in the downtown area, SA wins hands down.

Kiko: Thanks SO much for that. Please keep it for when we cross the Mavs at playoff time!
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