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Hugh Jackman to Do Oscars Drunk and Nude

Hugh Jackman to Do Oscars Drunk and Nude


Sunday night's Oscars host, Hugh Jackman, is sure to shake things up. For one thing, he's not a professional comedian like most previous hosts. For another, he tells CNN that he plans to do the entire show naked and inebriated.

It turns out the Sexiest Man Alive may also be one of the sassiest:
"One of my favorite moments at the Oscars was when the streaker came across [past] David Niven. And we're upping it a level and we're just going to do most of the show naked. Um, well, there hopefully will be YouTube moments….Drunk and nude, yes. So that's our new fresh approach. It's the Australian way."

Not content to merely needle his countrymen's legendary drinking prowess, the former Tony Awards host also jokes in the CNN interview about the significance of his previous podium experience:

"The Tony Awards is watched by more people in the theater than at home on television. So, the Oscars, it's slightly different, there's about a thousand here [in the theater] and a billion out there."

While Jackman is clearly finding his own low-key groove as a TV comedian, his son Oscar is apparently eyeing a career in journalism, as the lad suggested a headline to his dad for the big night: "Oscar's dad hosts the Oscars."

Wordplay and self-promotion? The kid's a natural…just like his dad.

Hugh Jackman to Do Oscars Drunk and Nude - E! Online

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