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Originally Posted by TexasNative View Post
Thanks for the advice and the link.
Sure thing. I'd still be a little cautious about which processor you get. A C2Q should work, but there are some variables, like BIOS and power supply capability.

It looks like some people have successfully done an upgrade to Q6600/Q6700 based on the dell community (link 1/link 2), but the official processor list for that system seems to be this:

Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo processors: E6300
Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo processor 4300
Intel® Pentium® D 930 with Dual-Core Technology (3GHz, 800FSB)
Intel® Pentium® D 915 with Dual-Core Technology (2.80GHz, 800FSB)
Intel® Pentium® D 820 with Dual-Core Technology (2.66GHz, 533FSB)
Intel® Pentium® 4
Intel Celeron 346
Intel® G965 Express Chipset

If you do upgrade, it'd probably help to use a good thermal compound like arctic silver along with a decent heatsink.

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