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Originally Posted by TexasNative View Post
I have an Intel 1.8ghz Core 2 Duo processor that I want to replace with a processor that has more horsepower. Is there a website that will scan my computer and tell me which processors are compatible with my existing motherboard? My computer is a Dell e520 Dimension.
Not sure about a website that automatically does that, but you can get some useful motherboard info using CPU-Z.


Download and run. CPU->Package is probably LGA 775 if you have a Core 2. Check the info under mainboard too. There will probably be some Dell motherboard name. The motherboard model and the chipset info will be helpful.

You won't be able to get a Core i7 (Nehalem) with your current motherboard, but you can probably stick a Core 2 Quad in there and it should work fine and give you a nice performance boost.

If you post some of the specs on here I'll take a look.

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