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Here is my 2 cents.

Michael Phelps got caught smoking a bong.

Phelps has admitted to various outlets he was smoking pot.

He has lost at least one big sponsor (Kellogs) but I'm not sure about anyone else.

Phelps was also suspended by USA Swimming for 3 months. Others who were there with Phelps are now starting to face potential criminal charges.

For people have come out and said to lay off, he's just a kid making a youthful indiscretion. you are entitled to your own opinions and No matter what your view is on whether or not marijuana should be illegal, it IS illegal. You can continue to wish whatever you want it will NEVER EVER be legal EVER. So go on dream forever...
Your USA Government as all other world's Governments legislators have decided it as illegal unless it is used for medical purposes. PERIOD.

Phelps, I'm almost positive, did not have that marijuana for medicinal purposes. Thus, he was breaking the law. Also, he's not a kid. Don't give me that SH!!T too He's 23, a college graduate, and an Olympic swimmer too. I won't even go into detail about his partying in Las Vegas, hardly a city for children.....

When you choose to break the law you have to face the consequences. Phelps isn't out there asking people to treat him like a kid and it's time for the media to stop doing it for him.

You can crucify me but that is the truth and I hope it can set you free. God Bless you all.
I don't want to get into quoting some bible verses here too.
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