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Originally Posted by Fiallo1984 View Post
Driving drunk or stoned is bad news bears. I have no problem what you do with your friends for a good time, just call a cab or spend the night. Driving while high slows down your reaction time so even if you're going at a tortoise pace, it hampers your ability to drive defensively (i.e. swerve to avoid a speeding out of control drunk driver).

Pot has it's own flaws; though it doesn't make you as potentially dangerous/violent to others as alcohol, I do think it can cause an individual plenty of trouble for themselves, especially in people lacking in self control. I've known plenty of kids (albeit most of them not brilliant) that could be in a lot better situations if they had put down the bong til after midterms or until after work--a problem common with alcoholics too.
Heard it plenty of times, but i personally do not think it slows down your reaction time significantly enough to where it causes serious danger. Please explain exactly what trouble it can cause for an individual. Health reasons are not a part of my argument. Lacking self control? I guess people are different. For a while i was smoking atleast once a day, but still taking 12 hours of college per week and working 38 hours a week at the wal-mart home office. Some people may be more motivated than others. But my whole argument isnt about how it affects people with their careers, schooling, ect. EVERYTHING is going to have flaws, my argument is that the flaws involved with alcohol triple the flaws involved with pot.. And the flaws with alcohol are a whole lot serious. Just seeing the picture that society paints about pot is ridiculous. One in particular, the commerical with the car full of guys pulling through a drive through ordering cheesburgers....what a joke. NO ONE acts like that when they are smoking...Those guys were acting like they were drunk. Millions of kids are failing midterms becasue they dont care....With pot having nothing to do with it.. In my opinion, even with pot it is personal choice. Not to take away from your point, i think that is the case with a lot of people too....but compared to the things alcohol does to people and families, thats a minor flaw.

Do you ever watch intervention? i have been waiting to see an intervention with marijuana...i know i will never see it....and its because pot isnt serious. It doesnt affect anyone the way everything else does. i struggle to even call it a drug.
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