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Originally Posted by TimmyDthaWay2B View Post
I wish marijuana could just be legal. Am i the only one that thinks alcohol is 3 times as bad? I mean, alcohol turns people into monsters. It kills millions of people each year. I cant speak for everyone, but i know when i have smoked, it doesnt exactly impair me like alcohol. And on top of that, i feel i am more cautious when driving....Opposed to alcohol where if you are drunk it is downright impossible to drive. Obviously this is just one of tons of points i could make that backup my reasoning that alcohol is much worse than a little pot. I wish they would just legalize the stuff. Maybe my granpa would start smoking rather than getting drunk every night and acting like a mad man. In conclusion, I can see why they are worked up because marijuana IS illegal...But in all reality, alcohol is really what should be illegal.
Driving drunk or stoned is bad news bears. I have no problem what you do with your friends for a good time, just call a cab or spend the night. Driving while high slows down your reaction time so even if you're going at a tortoise pace, it hampers your ability to drive defensively (i.e. swerve to avoid a speeding out of control drunk driver).

Pot has it's own flaws; though it doesn't make you as potentially dangerous/violent to others as alcohol, I do think it can cause an individual plenty of trouble for themselves, especially in people lacking in self control. I've known plenty of kids (albeit most of them not brilliant) that could be in a lot better situations if they had put down the bong til after midterms or until after work--a problem common with alcoholics too.
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