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Originally Posted by Dasher View Post
I think it has more to do with the Morality Clause in his contracts. If he has that with any advertiser, the advertiser could drop him and he could loose millions of dollars.

Exactly..BIG $$$ is lost here...Too bad Michael did not care or did not know ...And worse that he got exposed on camera. Too bad he is that GREAT Champion but not so smart regarding saving his image.
:richb HELLO you just won the OLYMPICS and everyone is looking up to you Michael...WHY not be more careful that kids are looking up to watch you and do the same things you do to be you?

Now this should tarnish his image for a while until he goes for a Rehab I guess or a long time has gone by so people had forgotten about it, then maybe those sponsors would come back, especially if he wins again in the next Olympics. But not after he wins again in the OLY.
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