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Originally Posted by Rzarector7 View Post
Refs gave the Steelers some calls that pissed me off in that third, sides from that this was a classic superbowl (Like the Niners Bangles when Taylor caught the GW), great game...
it. I just watched the replay as I was at work durning the game. Kurt's my favorite player from back in St. Louis days and what a heatbreaker. I wanted Kurt to get one because I thought that 2001 game he was letdown by the defense and his teammates dropping catches, making errors just not playing hard enough.

That's the second time Kurt's defense let him down. I thought the Rams defense in 2001 was atrocious and the Cardinals D was awful too apart from a stretch in the 4h quarter the D let too many big yardage plays. Fitzgerald was brilliant in the second half and I thought Kurt had a better overall game then Ben. I would have like to have seen what Kurt could do with the a little bit more time left on the clock.

Gotta give credit to the Steelers D though and Ben made the plays on that last drive.
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