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Originally Posted by JTD View Post
everthing eaten is mass quantity is bad for you! If you ocassionally have a cheeseburger, mexican food or even a doghnut, it's ok. It's the people (pretty much all the people i work with) who eat mexican food (breakfast tacos) or a hamburger every day for lunch that it's bad for.
I would pretty much agree. It's fine to indulge sometimes, especially if you are fairly active, but it is always best to avoid foods so high in fat, sodium, calories, etc as burgers (especially fast food) and doughnuts, among others. But you are right -- the people who get into real trouble are the ones eating crap food on a daily basis.

I work with this lady who has high blood pressure (stoped taking her pills), and weighs about 300lbs (she is only about 5 feet tall) and says she is going to keep eating what she wants.... it's sad, because her kids look soooooo unhealthy!
She's killing herself -- period. And if she wants to kill herself, she can go right ahead, but in my mind it's practically child abuse to make your children so unhealthy.

"There are many dying children out there whose last wish is to meet me" -David Hasselhoff
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