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In Highschool we played a local private school who ran a full court press against us the whole game. Their SG (6-3) was as tall as our Center and we had one or two guys that might have been the 11th and 12th men on their team (would say JV but our JV team beat their JV team, we had some transfer students that couldnt play varsity). We lost 138-27, no crying no complaining, gave them props afterwards. I had an old buddy on the other team (starter) who played all but 2 minutes and he apologized afterwards but I told him there was no need to. We where a 2A (1A the next year, 3 teams in our district moved up to 3A) team and finshed 15-13 missing out of the playoffs by 1 game in our district. Point is we had no business playing those guys just as these girls had no business playing a team that beat them by 100. Its only news because the other team didnt score, if it was 98-2 nobody would care and life would move on...even the the loss is just as bad.

I've read mixed reports about the game but most recent is that the coach only ran the press in the 1st qtr. If the girls where shooting 3's, even late, those are lower % shots, I mean 100-0 they could have gotten anything they want. No need to cry about it either way...dust yourself off and get ready for the next game. After we got crushed whe won the very next night against a team would should have lost to, these girls reportedly are really bad (limited pool to choose from) so winning isnt the goal but just playing better makes you feel better. Its a rough life lesson but life, unlike a 100-0 game (which could have been worse), is no mercy.
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