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Landis to Jacko -- This Time It's Personal

Landis to Jacko -- This Time It's Personal
Posted Jan 28th 2009 7:09PM by TMZ Staff

John Landis has filed legal papers against Michael Jackson, claiming Jacko had no right to negotiate a deal to make a Broadway musical of "Thriller," without his consent.

Landis wrote and directed the "Thriller" video and documentary back in 1983. Reports surfaced recently that Jackson cut a deal with the Nederlander Organization wherein Jackson made a deal in excess of $400,000 for the musical. But Landis claims Jacko can't cut a deal without his consent.

Landis, through his lawyer, Miles Feldman, is asking a L.A. County Superior Court judge for a declaration that Jackson can't make the deal without his sign off.

Earlier this month the company that hired Landis to write and direct the video claims it hasn't received its 50% cut in "Thriller" profits for more than four years.

Landis to Jacko -- This Time It's Personal -
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