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Here is my take on this whole running up the score thing. As it relates to professional athletes, my opinion is that if one team gets the score run up on them, they should have played harder. They are adults and professionals. They have the mental toughness to deal with losing by a wide margin. Kids, for the most part, aren't as mentally tough as professional athletes. Factor in kids with a learning disability and the dynamics change quite a bit. In my opinion, the coach should have eased up off the gas a little. The fact that he didn't speaks to his character and mentality. With his mentality and character, he needs to be coaching professional sports. Not coaching young kids.
Hibbert, who worked out with Duncan in San Antonio during the lockout, said he has grown close to the perennial All-Star. On Friday, he texted Duncan and asked how he should guard him.

"He said, 'Go for every pump fake,' " Hibbert said.
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