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Originally Posted by blaze24k View Post
he only got fired cause it became a national story--i saw it on CNN and some other news channel too. Everyone has been whining and complaining about the score and yes it's a horrible outcome but seriously how do you make the coach a scapegoat for just coaching his team and for the other team just quite possibly being the worst team in the history of organized sports. Yes he should have taken it easy after halftime but that too can come across as disrespectful and showing up the other team and coach when you let up, idk just my opinion from having played sports all my life. From what I heard parents in the stands were cheering and rooting the team on as they neared 100 points, where are they being held responsible in all of this? I feel the coach should have been suspended but not fired, just the same it doesn't send a good message to his winning team either.
I see your point, but as the coach, he is the leader. He needed to step up tell his players to stop pressing and stop shooting 3s. Why not pass the ball around like 7-8 times before taking a shot. I'm sure there is no shot clock. If his parents were cheering for a 100, he needs to let them know that he is the coach and he makes those decisions. As a leader and the coach of a CHRISTIAN school team, he failed miserably. I know if Pop was the coach of the winning team, 100-0 would have NEVER happened.

Funny, I just got an email talking about the coach of the year award for college football (not even Christian high school basketball). Here is the criteria for the award and it is obvious that this high school coach would NOT have won this award:

"In recognition of a higher and more noble aspect of college coaching...a style that emphasizes something more than winning the game...a belief that the game of football should be kept in perspective with college life in general."
Please join The Bobby Dodd Foundation and UT Athletics in honoring Texas Longhorns head football coach Mack Brown, the 2008 Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year award recipient.
The Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year Award recognizes the Division I college football coach whose team enjoys a successful season on the gridiron while stressing the importance of academic excellence, outstanding leadership, strong character, and integrity.

From my understanding the coach that got fired, still does not believe what he did was wrong. Again, I think he should have been fired on the spot.

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