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Has Terrell Owens wore out his welcome in Dallas?T.O. must go. That, at least, is what folks with their ear to the ground in Dallas are saying. Any number of Cowboys insiders are saying a publicity magnet like Terrell Owens is now more damaging than he's worth.

Owner Jerry Jones apparently remains in T.O.'s corner, however, and Jones usually keeps his own counsel.

According to Jennifer Engel of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, however, Stephen Jones (the team's executive vice president) is pushing his father on this issue.

"He obviously at least somewhat buys into a feeling among a growing number of [Dallas] coaches and front-office types that T.O. is a drama queen who creates issues when they don't exist, and his age and his $3 million roster bonus due in March make that untenable," Engel wrote.

Has Terrell Owens wore out his welcome in Dallas? - Sports Rumors - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
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