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Charles is a public figure and has a responsibility to his employer to represent them in a manner that doesn't publicly embarass them. I really don't care how Charles chooses to live outside his job or what he thinks. The beautiful thing about all this is that we live in a country where freedom and liberty are what we live by. Nobody can tell Charles how to live his life and nobody can demand to TNT how they should run their business. If they want to fire his sorry butt they certainly can.

The difference between Charles and the rest of us is that we're not public figures. Depending on our positions, what we do outside of work can possibly affect your job. Look at it this way...suppose you are the owner of a successful business with a solid reputation in the community and you get caught with a prostitute getting a BJ and/or a DWI. Your business will almost certainly suffer because of that. The reputation of a business or an individual is the biggest and most valuable asset that anyone owns. Anything that is done that hurts your reputation as a decent business or decent human being is going to be very harmful. That's just reality. It doesn't matter what you think about what our society should tolerate.

Let Freedom Ring! God Bless America, baby!!!
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