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Originally Posted by Birn View Post
So what exactly does one have to do outside of their job to lose their position? Just because someone in a similar situation has kept their jobs doesn't automatically mean that everyone else gets to keep their jobs. The Clinton standard that you mentioned is about as low a standard that you can measure. It has gotten to the point where so many people believe that unless you murder someone then you should continue to keep your job and/or position. The point is that our society has basic standards of decency in place and there's a point where it must be maintained. Charles, unfortunately, has crossed the line. He should never return to TNT or any other NBA outlet. He'll be fine. He has plenty of money and won't have any problems getting a new show on HBO or Showtime or he may even write a book. All of you Chucky supporters don't have to worry about him going away. He just won't be on TNT and they have every right to fire his butt regardless of what anyone else says or thinks. That's the beautiful thing about this country. God Bless America!!!!
And why should anything you do outside of work have any impact on your work performance/evaluation? Using private life to evaluate your work abilities is opening a huge can of worms.

Let's take a case where the person in question is NOT in the public spotlight. If he was driving a company vehicle, then there is potential to fire him for driving in an unsafe manner with company property. Otherwise, this should have absolutely no bearing on his position. So where is the boundry where someone gets fired or not? DWI? Speeding in school zone? Speeding X miles over the limit? Who decides 'X'?

You are advocating a society where employers are allowed to enforce morals over their employees. It sounds fine in a simple, specific case of DWI, but where does it stop? Imagine you work for someone who will not employ you if you are left-handed. Or you can only vote Republican. Or you are gay. Or heterosexual. Or male. Or female.

The US has been through this already. That's why there are so many laws that protect against discrimination. No one can be fired for a perceived lack of morals.

I'm actually a little surprised that someone has come up with this particulat slant. It's scary to think that people STILL believe that EVERY person must adhere to his own personal moral code. I thought we were better.
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