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Originally Posted by flox View Post
The thing is, no one on the Pacers boards would have faulted Jeff Foster for that play. They would have blamed Obie. In addition, there was a lack of team communication, I was surprised no one was shouting the shot clock, which happens usually when the Pacers are in that area.

I'm a Pacers fan first and Spurs fan second, and I've watched more Pacer games then Spurs games. I would say a minority blames Foster for the play- although we would have liked to have Troy Murphy in there instead. But I mean the whole thing was bad, we had lost Granger, who hit that gamewinner 2 nights ago against the Suns, and we can put this on Dunleavy's rust as well. =/
I agree completely. Really, Jeff Foster is not to blame. I'm disappointed the Pacers couldn't pull this one out, but to call Foster (one of the hardest workers and nicest guys in the NBA) out for it is unfair.

And one more example of Laker fans' lack of class, the chants of "Pacers Suck".
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