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People´s Choice Awards - Hugh Laurie gets a standing ovation from the crowd

o HUGH LAURIE in a stunner …

…notbecause its a stunner that he won the Favorite Male TV star…but rather here’s the deal…when Teri Hatcher announced his award it sees that THE AUDIENCE STOOD UP. It was a moment of reverence I tell you. thyre not getting up for anyone else. Oh maybe they will be they haven’t yet. No this is a nice testament to Hugh’s rather elegant stature. Like I said, stunning.

I certainly would have done it too! How about you? Would you give Hugh Laurie a standing ovation in the People´s Choice Awards?

If you want to check out the video of Hugh Laurie People´s Choice Awards accepting speech click here

Great laughter and screaming after Hugh Laurie says: “I Love People”… and also check out Barack Obama´s reference in Hugh Laurie acceptance speech.

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