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Originally Posted by TimmyDthaWay2B View Post
Why? Because the better team doesnt always win. But i will definately give props to utah. take nothing away from them. because they are way underrated. But, no one reason bama lost, but we can start with the all american left tackle that didnt play.

If I used your reasoning that the better team doesn't always win, I can say that when Texas Tech beat UT, the better team lost and the Horns should have been undefeated and won the national title this year. Your reasoning does not make sense. At the end of the day the better team is determined by the numbers on the scoreboard when the game clock reads 0.
Hibbert, who worked out with Duncan in San Antonio during the lockout, said he has grown close to the perennial All-Star. On Friday, he texted Duncan and asked how he should guard him.

"He said, 'Go for every pump fake,' " Hibbert said.
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