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We could win the superbowl on talent alone. But the major players all have $.10 heads.

You could say this year is different in that Romo has been hurt, Barber Hurt, and we lost Felix Jones for the year.

but for the past 3 seasons, we have just fallen apart in December. And this one is no different.

1) I think we need a legitimate coach, Mike Holmgren comes to mind. Some one with experiance and can get the players disciplined. Wade Phillips just isn't cutting it, and the team has regressed under his coaching.

2) TO, he just isn't the talent we need given all his acting out. He needs to go for the benefit of the psyche of the team, and he just isn't that good anymore.

3) Romo , although hurt, just has not proved to be the franchise quarterback on level with Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. He just doesn't make great decisions and his throwing % is regrettable.

we need more discipline and smarter players.
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