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No One Wants Vick's Doghouse

No One Wants Vick's Doghouse

Posted Dec 13th 2008 4:30AM by TMZ Staff

File this under Big Surprise: The Virginia house where Michael Vick forced dogs to fight can't be sold, even at a low, low price.

It was up for auction yesterday in Virginia, and no qualified bidders showed, so it's still available. The guy who snapped up the 4600-sq. ft. property after Vick was indicted on dogfighting charges originally wanted a mil for the place, but set the minimum bed yesterday at $590K. Seven people actually turned up, but none of them had the $20,000 cashier's check required, so they were turned away.

Vick's been in the big house in Leavenworth since this summer.

No One Wants Vick's Doghouse -
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