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Originally Posted by jputnam98942 View Post
WA has a few different types of regions. You've got the westside of the Cascade mountains where it rains a lot & then the eastern side, where I live, that it doesn't rain much at all. Of course, you've got the mountains & forrests which are really pretty. Same goes with much of the westside of the state. The eastern side is mostly dry. The valley that I live in gets around 6 inches of rain a year, and see very few thunder storms. We get some snow in the winter. It's what they call a high desert area. People up there say they get 300 days of sunshine, I haven't exactly counted, but I'll take their word for it. It's all farm country where I'm at. I am in the main growing area of most of this & many other countries apples, pears, cherries, & various other fruits & veggies. We depend on the mountain's snow pack for irrigation water. I'm going to stop myself here, cause I'm going on & on. One of these days I'll post some pictures.

Hey That is a great information. I always thought that the whole WA State have gloomy rainy weather. Some friends I had lived in Portland and told me that it is there so I took it for granted the the whole state is like that.

Very Good info..
One day I will take a Grande Tour around the Whole States and see what lies there..

Again welcome back..There is no place like home so kick back and enjoy the Great SA Holiday season.
Go Spurs Go!
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