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Happy Mother's Day to All You Moms. I thought I'd share the poem my older son wrote for me with all of you (the younger wrote one, too, but it has mostly personal and family references, while this one is more general)

Mother's Day

This paradox does Mother's Day yet hold:
One day a year could never honor you,
O, mother dear and worthy model role,
For all the simple caring things you do.

Who else insists that Dave and Jon wash their hands?
How could the Spurs win without your cheers?
Who else could meet all Mrs. Stein's* demands? *(my boss)
Or stick by us through laughter, joy, and tears?

What woman, gift from God, could do so much
To fill her family's every basic need?
Who else could care like you for all of us:
To wash, to sew, to drive, to clean, to feed?

Yes, never was a family greater blessed
Than us, who have you with us, mother best.
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