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what the ordinance does do is it makes things more inconvenient
Yeah, but how effective we will see.. I'll still bet people will get wasted some how and work around the ordinance only leaving everyone else with the inconvenience. I go to the river probably 8 times a year with various groups of family members, friends, co workers and never seen a fight or excessive hooligans making trouble.. Only time I ever seen arrest is when it came to people smoking pot or underage drinkers

......some of the guys in our group (of about 35) would bring an extra ice chest full of cheap beer and jello shots.........and a sign that said 'flash your rack for a free beer or jello shot'......

you would not believe the number of racks Ive seen on the river because of those guys.............I barely believe it, and I was there.
lol okay I'll admit to that behavior but havent seen it that often and really havent seen anything get out of hand. I need to go the river with you and your buddies sometime :P

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