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Ok, so things went well.

I got there and the kids were sitting in a circle, and Mason and I sat at the front of the class. He brought a "Me Bag" from home with a few of his favorite things. He had Buzz and Woody, his Spurs foam finger, his golf glove, and his Mario Kart game. Then I told them a little bit about my job, then I talked a little bit about what my son and I do for fun. Then I told the kids to each ask one question about Mason, and one question about me and that was pretty funny.

Then my son said I was the best dad in the world because I was good at MarioKart and I unlocked all the courses and characters for him. Not because I'm smart, or funny, or cool, or I take care of him or any of that stuff...but because I'm good at MarioKart! Funny, but it made me stop and think that the little things like that make all the difference in the world to all kids.
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