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Originally Posted by Kirby View Post
It's still in the low-to-mid 2's here in the Carolinas.
you suck!!!

back to the thread...

one station in san francisco is charging 4.33 per gallon! right below it was a gas station in my home town ( not portland, the town i grew up in) where it was 4.03. i know exactly where that station is!!! i was SHOCKED

i'm "only" paying 3.39 right now.. .but i bet that skyrockets. i'm going down to southern oregon this weekend where i hear it's 3.75...

RIDICULOUS! i am so pissed off! why the hell can these jerkface oil ***** keep making record profits???? inflation is going to skyrocket as prices keep rising. since EVERYTHING we do in life is somehow tied to oil be it gas or electricty.... damn we are in for a HUGE wakeup call and probably another stock market crash..... i hate to be a doom and gloom but based on how our lives are SO dependant on this nonrenewable resource, how can i think positivley about the situation???

i'm biking as often as i can. damn i'd rather burn some extra chunks then pay up the wazzo for gas. i freaking hate this.

if GM wanted to get on the profit side, they'd bring back the EV 1. if they brought back the EV 1, i will go on record as saying i would buy one. i HATE american cars with a PASSION, but i'm saying it for EVERYONE to hear, i would buy an EV 1. instead i have a feeling they'll come out with a new line of pick ups and SUV's.......
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slapping a yellow "support our troops" sticker on the back of your gas guzzling SUV in the middle of a war for oil makes you an a-holes

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