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Ca$hee$ are Spending Again

Well the Yankees are out to buy another pennant. With A eye popping $189,639,045.00, yearly payroll (Roger's 4.5 mil a month not included) the Ca$hee$ spend about $40 million more then the next place team. The Ca$hee$ spend more that the budget of some countries. The Ca$hee$ have just crawled their way into 2nd past the A.L. power Tampa Bay (payroll $24,123,050.00. ) Brian Ca$hman the bag man for George, took A garbage bag of money to Roger an poured it over his head. Roger needs to be on the Ca$hee$. He is a Ca$hee$ sort of guy. Roger "show me the Money" is looking to get out of Houston before summer starts , work a half of a year and only 1 1/2 hours every 5 days. What A Life!
Will the Ca$hee$ fans now love A-Rod now that he is not the highest paid player in baseball? Don't count on it. When will the Ca$hee$ go out and buy a Major League team as A farm team. What will happen when George is not around to sign the checks or fill the trash bags? Will Brian Ca$hman be great G.M. as he is now with a budget of $40 Million?. What A Mess. I feel ill !!!!!!!

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