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Yea De La Hoya won some rounds, but Mayweather picked him apart. By the 8th Mayweather figured him out. Jab to the body, then quick right hook to the head. Oscar didnt do anything to combat that. Even though Oscar threw more punches, most of them came in those barrages I told you about. The crowd, which was easily pro-oscar, may have influenced oscar barrages, because none of them didnt much damage.

Originally Posted by TheLadiesMike View Post
Mayweather was way too conservative to say he dominated. He had a higher percentage but he stayed back. His one-and-done punching is not the way to dominate.
Boxing has changed so much that you do what is effective and scores you rounds. Not by trying to knock someone out. That is why I respect Pacquiao so much. That guy just seems like he wants to fight and it doesnt matter if he gets hit as well.

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