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Originally Posted by Big Empty View Post
I'll place a SR bet with any of you who believes Mayweather will win. The terms are simple. If Maywether wins, you get to set my avatar and signature to what ever you want and leave it there for 6 weeks. I can't change it . If De la Hoya wins, I get to do the same to yours! SO the first to reply to my wager will officially accept my bet! Lets Get It!
I'll do the bet with you!

Originally Posted by arieloliveto View Post
Dude, you have no idea... Mayweather couldn´t even hurt Baldomir in his last fight, he can´t throw down a plus 160 pounds well trained boxer who happens to be taller and has a better arm reach. Mayweather is faster and technically better, but he has no power to knock out a well trained De la Hoya. I can understand if you go to UD, because Floyd has the in-and-outs combinations, but there is no way he can win by KO. Anyway, De la Hoya by KO or KOT not before the 7th, Floyd will never know what hitted him...
Looks like De La Hoya is at 154lbs and Mayweather is at 150lbs. You guys want to hold on to the claim that De La Hoya is still a great boxer. De La Hoya is riding on his name alone nowadays. What is his record in his last 10 fights, something like 7-3 or something like that. De La Hoya is overrated and although I think Mayweather can lose focus from time to time. I think he will come out really focused for this one.

I think De La Hoya will go down first and then Mayweather will get caught with a counter, but I see Mayweather pretty much in control of the entire fight.
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