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Originally Posted by DaVinci View Post
Mayweather will destroy Oscar from beginning to end. Oscar will do his usual barrage of punches at the end of rounds to try and steal the round, but I think Oscar will go down in the 7th round, however it will still go to the cards with Mayweather winning by unanimous decision.

Bank on it!
Dude, you have no idea... Mayweather couldn´t even hurt Baldomir in his last fight, he can´t throw down a plus 160 pounds well trained boxer who happens to be taller and has a better arm reach. Mayweather is faster and technically better, but he has no power to knock out a well trained De la Hoya. I can understand if you go to UD, because Floyd has the in-and-outs combinations, but there is no way he can win by KO. Anyway, De la Hoya by KO or KOT not before the 7th, Floyd will never know what hitted him...

Originally Posted by Art Vandalay View Post
mayweahter has had to move up and is not true at this fighting weight and it takes a lot of power to knock these guys out in the weight class plus being able to take the power shots, de la hoya is used to this weight and has the ko power. he will probably come into the ring at about 160 or so and has the power. this will be mayweather's true test he hasnt really fought anyone good yet. fighting a hurt, past his prime gatti and over rated juda doesnt mean much to me.

im gonna go with my boy oscar on this one, will see how it goes when each fighter takes on each's power punch. then we will see how this fight will turn out.

mayweather will have to punch up to catch oscar's height, which might take away some of his power so body shots will be key. no way is mayweather close to 5'8 1/2, id say he's about 2 inches shorter

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