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mayweahter has had to move up and is not true at this fighting weight and it takes a lot of power to knock these guys out in the weight class plus being able to take the power shots, de la hoya is used to this weight and has the ko power. he will probably come into the ring at about 160 or so and has the power. this will be mayweather's true test he hasnt really fought anyone good yet. fighting a hurt, past his prime gatti and over rated juda doesnt mean much to me.

im gonna go with my boy oscar on this one, will see how it goes when each fighter takes on each's power punch. then we will see how this fight will turn out.

mayweather will have to punch up to catch oscar's height, which might take away some of his power so body shots will be key. no way is mayweather close to 5'8 1/2, id say he's about 2 inches shorter

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