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Originally Posted by Captain_Obvious View Post
Okay Okay Okay....

They are both VERY savvy businessmen. If I were a gambling man, and I am, look for De La Hoya to contact Mayweather and say it loosk liek we will split the pot and I will go down late, then we will schedule a rematch and whatever happens happens.

Count on it.
The pot has already been split very favourably in De La Hoya's direction.

De la Hoya is reportedly being paid £15m and Mayweather, 30, £6m.

He was able to negotiate this crazy split based on his huge popularity and residual credibility. He won't have that credibility any more after Mayweather wins this fight, so he won't be able to work toward a better payday. This is his pension fund. He just wants to get out healthy.
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