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Originally Posted by Nazr For 3 View Post
Im officially sick of the three-camera family sitcom. Working in the industry, I can tell you that their disposability is superceded only by the reality show which doesn't even have writers (who normally wield the most power).

The last family sitcom that was even remotely original was Married... with Children and that's only because Al Bundy's iconic status carried on the legacy of Archie Bunker's irreverance (but made it compatible with the 80's and 90's).

Three-camera shows then in the 90s became obsessed with 20-somethings and 30-somethings living in New York. Mild variants of that were pretty good with Seinfeld being by far the best, Friends being good initially but getting stale about 3 seasons in.

For some reason, and I blame mostly blame 'Raymond' for this, these lame-ass family sitcoms are still believed to be popular by execs.

I think the next big thing in TV comedy is the Arrested Development style. Ultra-rapid fire comedy, high production value, and plenty of incentive to follow with storylines that span multiple seasons. Unfortunately, AD was cancelled. But some other shows are carrying out its legacy (though, in my opinion, not as well as AD) like The Office and Entourage. 30 Rock and My Name Is Earl are also pretty good and share some of this approach to TV Comedy.

Anything but the f*cking couch...
Amen! I loved AD and thought it was one of the most original comedies on tv. I'd much rather watch a show that doesn't tell me when to laugh. The Office, Earl, Scrubs, and AD are some of the good ones.
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