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Originally Posted by nanumanu View Post
Seems to me that other teams were willing to pay a high price just to [i]talk[i] to him too. Yankees offered about 32 mil and the Mets even offered about 40 mil. Obviously, other teams felt he was worth it, the Sox just outbid them. Plus, if he never signed a contract with the Sox, the deal would've been off and they would've gotten their 50 mil back. Transfer fees happen all the time in soccer, it's not that big of a deal.

Sounds like Yankee fan is just upset that their team didn't get him.

All that being said, it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too early in the season to be talking mess. The Yankee won't go 8-154 this season. They'll get on a streak like they ALWAYS do and the end of the season will be a race for the division.
im actually not that upset. the way everyone was talking about him, he was a freaking young or koufax. he hasent really proven anything. and im not that worried. theres still a ton of ball left to be played. although, i heard if the yanks get swept, torre's job will be in serious jeopardy. so then theyll hire girardi as the new manager and he'll lead them to a win or 2. he was suppose to be torre's successor anyways.
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