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Dice-K takes the Yankees again!

The over paid Red Sox starter beat the Yanks this time in New York. (2 wins vrs. yanks this year) Will the Yanks offer Roger 40 mil now to pitch for team that is free falling lower and lower and lower and lower? I would tell them to put 20 mil in an envelope- place it on the table then we will talk. Roger A bit of advice--Houston traffic is not that bad!!!!!!! What a mess. Brian Cashman is the early leader GM of the year. Way to go big guy! All the AL teams have given him a big thumbs up for wonderful team pitching staff. I guess the N.Y. media will now blame A-Rod for this also. Joe will now bat A-Rod in 8th spot in the order because it's his fault they are losing. Team leader Derek Jeter pumped up the team on Friday by saying : "I wouldn't push a panic button yet," Yankees captain Derek Jeter said before the game. "I don't look at things negatively. I don't look around and say, `Well, if it gets to 30 in a row."' Derek, Ah-Ah you might start looking for that easy button right now.

Life is still good!!!!!!!!

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