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Originally Posted by To be named later View Post
True.......sort of.

First off, Bexar Appraisal has their heads up their rear ends and they more than likely will never make the change in value, dollar for dollar.

If the house is currentltly assessed at $140 for example, it may stay that way for years, and if it does increase, it will likely only move up based on the neighborhood average.

And if it does move up to $158....alll you would need to do is take the appraisal and the HUD 1 statement down to the tax office and show them that it was bumped up to $158 for concessions or down payment assistance.

However if the seller replaces the appliances, then it truly will be $158 fair market, improved. But again that is assuming Bexar Appraisal district would even reflect the sale.
Yeah I forgot we were talking about an existing house so that makes a difference. My wife and I are about a month out from moving into a new house that we're having built and our builder has told us that closing price = tax assessed value. We're in Travis County so I don't know if that's a standard new home thing, or just a Travis County thing. We were thinking of rolling our appliances into our mortgage and decided against it since that would raise our property taxes.
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