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Originally Posted by spUrpenguin3000 View Post
yeah? we havent won a WS since 2000. its not all glamor anymore. the real fans stay fans.
That is true, but the Reds haven't won the World Series since 1990 and haven't even made the playoffs since 1999 and have a salary cap the size of George Steinbrenner's pinky.

Being a fan of the pinnacle of major league baseball is never bad- you have tradition, pride, and more fans than all of the team's in the country combined (and haters).

Also being a fan of a team with tradition (for example, myself with UK basketball), means you don't always have to worry about the present letdowns, you can look back on the past and all that your program has accomplished.
Trust me, it may not be glitz and glamor all the time, but you still have more than most other true fans could ever dream of. Be thankful

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