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Originally Posted by austin_spurs_fan View Post
what do you charge? Just curious cause i may be moving back to SA town in the next year
oh i don't live in san antonio i'm getting a flat fee for nannying and cooking. i'm thinking of starting my own side business where i'd cook at people's houses on the weekends. i'd cook dishes and put them in the freezer to be reheated for the week. it sounds like a lot of fun.

if you wanted to move up to portland OR i'd be happy to take you on as a client

i've had thoughts about moving to a warmer climate. i'm considering san antonio. i'm just not sure the city is dense enough for me. i'm tired of driving everywhere, i really want to live in a city where i can sparsly use car and ride my bike to most places. one thing for sure is it's definelty affordable to me!

i'll keep eveyrone updated because it sounds like i'd have a client list waiting for me
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