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Originally Posted by kyleo View Post
^Dude, overreacting this early in the season to Red Sox fans probably isn't going to help the Yankees' rep either

But yeah, can we hold off on the serious ****-talking until at least the All-Star Break? They'll play another billion times, so no division lead is safe at this point and the Yankees always get it together.

Also pen, wasn't Dice penciled in as a third starter early in the season when Papelbon was still in the rotation? I think he's done all right. Couple of nights when Boston gave him no help, and then he got shellacked by the Yankees, who have one of the great line-ups. Again, give him until the All-Star Break.
i would of started after the break. but when some lame red sox fan starts some lame thread up ripping my team, i have to defend them.

plus cy wang is back tonite...should give us a huge boost
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