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Originally Posted by BEERNUTS View Post
Tied for last in the east with a team that only has 1/10 of the yankees payroll! No pitching at all. Still complaining that A-Rod does not hit enough game winning home runs with the best home run hitting start in baseball history. Complaining that other teams pitchers are over paid. On their knees to for Roger to take 20 mil. for a half season. In fighting in the clubhouse.
ill reply to this for each sentence.
1. slow starts happen every year for them.
2. its a crime for 3 of their starters to be hurt early in the season?
3. who has complained?!?! show me quotes that say ppl have complained about a-rod.
4. prove it. who said that? when?
5. on their knees?!?! wtf. what about bawston looking to get him? huh? are they on their knees? and u know, bawston is doing EXACTLY what the yanks used to do: load up on free agents and overpay all of them. half a season can really help a team. u guys are doing the same thing to get him.
6. u say there's fighting in the clubhouse? when? who said that?

next time, give some valid arguments, rather than just rambling off one imaginary thing after another. u give red sox fans a bad name. and theyre bad to begin with.

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