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I don't hate gays, I have many gay friends. But male gay "physical affection" is gross and I'd rather squash roaches between my fingers than be near that kind of stuff. I don't really like to hang around people that chew tobacco, because I find it disgusting, but I don't mind being around them while they aren't chewing. In the same way, I don't mind being around gay people as long as they shut the hell up about their lifestyle and quit kissing ugly hairy dudes in front of me.

Do you like to be around people who smoke? Drunks? Nose-pickers? Why do you stay out of porno theaters? Because no one likes to hang around people that are whacking it. Its gross. Is that hate? Nah. This stuff isn't necessarily wrong, but its not for everyone, and some of us don't want to be shared with.

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