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Originally Posted by triple View Post
Anyone know,
If I replace my old hard drive with a new one (laptop). Do i need to somehow back up everything and then move the files on to the new one? anyone know how this works? I can figure out how to take out the old and put in the new but what about my files? thanks
Well your files are stored on the old disk and you will have to move over the ones you want, manually.

I assume your laptop has a 2.5" drive. If so, one of these would be a fairly easy soultion:
Make sure the interface is right if you get one, ie: if your hard drive has a large ribbon cable connector on back with like 40 holes, you need IDE, if its a small connector, you need SATA.

With the right sized external enclosure, after you install windows or whatever os on your new drive in the laptop, you can pop the old drive in the enclosure, hook it up via USB, and transfer over the files you want to keep.

There may be some products out there that make things easier, but I don't use them. If you do it manually, be sure you dont copy over any windows directories or program files folders, as none of that will work properly on a new install.

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