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Originally Posted by DizzG View Post
There is hate out there for sure but I think a lot of it is feeling uncomfortable.

I work in a pretty small office (about 10 people) and 3 of the main guys here are gay including the owner. I would be lying if it didnt take some getting used too and that had nothing to do with any moral feelings or whatever
Its too far a jump from being uncomfortable to legislating against gays. Tons of people are uncomfortable, but only a small subset (still many people) is driving the legislation. To these people, I just wish they would mind their own business instead of meddling in other peoples' affairs.

It's also too far a jump from legislating against gays to beating them to death. Many people are behind the legislation, but only a much smaller group (not a complete subset) go around beating up people. To these people, the fair thing to do is to charge them for hate crime (since that kind of legislation exists for other groups).
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