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Originally Posted by baseline bum View Post
if your phone number is abcdefg for some digits {a,b,c,d,e,f,g}, the equation comes out to:

(((80*abc + 1)*250)+2*defg-250)/2
= (80*250*abc + 250 +2*defg-250)/2
= (20000*abc +2*defg)/2
= 10000*abc + defg
= abc * 10^4 + defg
= abc0000 + defg
= abcdefg
= your phone number

There's nothing interesting about this. A gradeschooler could invent the steps to get this result, as it's all based on (80 *250)/2 = 10000.
I said amusing. I didn't imply that it was some life changing, supremely difficult math problem. It is pointless, and it is easy, but I have not seen it before and was amused. Sorry if you found that it was beneath you.
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