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Originally Posted by kyleo View Post
Philly, anyone? (no offense to phillyspursfan)

And you really can't evaluate Dice on that one outing this early in the season. I might believe Boston sucked had they not just swept you guys. I'm sure the Yankees will get it together somehow, but Boston looked pretty together out there.
i thought that a mini 2-game series vs the d-rays would shape things up a bit. u know, have igawa pitch 8 strong, then bring in one pitcher out of the pen depending on the score. but nope. once again the starting pitching doesnt last through the 6th, and the bullpen gives up a ton of runs. what a waste when a-rod gets homers 13 and 14. they say that they can score 6-8 runs a game, but theyre gonna give up 9-12. theyre last in runs allowed. too bad nobody else on that lineup can hit like a-rod.

from the beginning, they were laking about dice-k like he won 5 cy youngs in a row. he hasent proved himsef in this league yet. from all the hype, hes nothing special. as for philly fans, theyre just getting pissed because the last championship by any team there was in the 80's. give em a break. sox fans truly have no souls. fenway is a dump.
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